Peter co-founded Propel Funeral Partners and the Manager. He has almost 30 years investment experience and has been responsible for completing and managing investments and also raising and managing institutional funds.

In 2007, Peter co-led the management buy-out of the private capital division of Deutsche Bank having previously been responsible for this division. He has been on the board of a significant number of private companies, including several where he was Chairman. Peter was a director of Bledisloe Holdings prior to its sale to InvoCare.

In his role as Chairman of the Manager, Peter provides experience, oversight and advice in dealing with significant matters, particularly investment decisions and strategic initiatives.

Peter has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Nottingham and a Masters in Business from the University of Bath.

Peter Dowding
Peter Dowding Chairman of the Manager

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Albin Kurti Managing Director
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Fraser Henderson Executive Director - Head of M&A and General Counsel
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Lilli Gladstone Head of Finance
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Brian Scullin Chairman
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